Winter Olympics


The Winter Olympics will consist of four games played by teams of three or four. The events can be completed in any order; however, teams must participate in all four events to be eligible for the prizes. The top three teams that complete the events in the least amount of time will receive prizes.

Human Dog Sled Race

Teams will pull a weighted sled via a rope through a preset course. Time will be measured from when the first teammate crosses the start line to when the back of the sled crosses the finish line.

Three-Legged Race

Each team will form two pairs. The left leg of one teammate will be attached to the right leg of the other to form a three legged pair. Upon the start of the clock, one pair will race across a specified distance to the second pair. After pair one tags pair two, pair two will race to the finish line. Once the second pair crosses the finish line, time will stop. For teams of three, all three teammates are tied up at once for a four legged race and will have to complete two laps.

Egg on a Spoon Race

All team members will take turns traveling a specified distance with a hardboiled egg on a spoon. On the start of the clock, one team member will race to pass the egg to the next. This will continue until the egg has been passed four times. Time will stop once the last team member crosses the finish line. If any team member drops an egg, he or she will have to return to the start of his or her turn while the clock continues to run.

Ball Balance Race

Each team will balance a soccer ball between the heads of all teammates. The soccer ball must be in contact with all team members’ heads. If the soccer ball slips, the team will incur a five second penalty each time. The time will start when the first team member crosses the starting line and end when the last member crosses the finish line.


  • First Place - $100
  • Second Place - $60
  • Third Place - $40

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