Cardboard Sled Race


Teams of up to seven people must create a sled made primarily of cardboard. The team’s sled will then be judged based on performance and aesthetics.

Teams may have up to two riders to sled down the hill. Riders must be seated and stay within the sled from start to finish. Riders may not go down the hill head first.

At the top of the hill, a person beside the rider(s) is allowed to assist in pushing the the sled down the hill. The person assisting the rider cannot step outside the designated starting area. Beyond the starting line only the rider and their sled are allowed. Riders may not use their hands to propel the sled after crossing the starting line.


Sleds can only be built from the following materials.

Acceptable Materials
  • Cardboard
  • Duct tape or Masking Tape
  • Spray paint, Acrylic paint, Glitter, and other materials for aesthetic purposes
Unacceptable Materials
  • Cardboard from Beer Boxes
  • Glue
  • Lubricants of any sort
  • Plastic Materials (except for aesthetic purposes)
  • Wood


Cardboard sleds will be judged based on Aesthetics and Performance.
  • Aesthetics - Creativity in design and overall presentation
  • Performance - Distance, Handling and Durability


  • Overall Winner - $125
  • Performance Winner - $75
  • Aesthetic Winner - $75

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